Super Buddy

Social platform for same day delivery of groceries.

Weergave van de opzet van de werking van Super Buddy

Bedrijfsnaam Super Buddy
KvK Nummer 62480324
Beschrijving onderneming SuperBuddy, the social grocery delivery platform What society needs these days is empowered and engaged citizens. But too many jobseekers, immigrants, and other disconnected people are unable to fit in and feel involved. In early 2015 we saw the emerging e-groceries market as a fantastic way to provide a path forward for a huge group of people in need of employment or involvement. You don’t need a car (Uber) or your own place (AirBnB) to do shopping for others. The next market to be disrupted by the crowd, groceries Consumers increasingly trust the web to deliver. Now online shopping can fulfill its greatest promise: fresh daily delivery of groceries in a 30-minute time-windows. So far, no one has been able to crack that nut profitably, but we have done exactly that. To deliver what the customer wants, when she wants it, is very hard. But we have achieved this in our pilot markets in the cities of Zwolle and Bodegraven by using the crowd. Or as we call them: Buddies. Buddies accept fitting orders, pick products at local supermarkets and deliver them to the customers doorstep. They can do this on foot, by e-bike or by car on large orders. Customer experience: superior retention Targeting the busy, the elderly and their caregivers, physically impaired people and comfort seekers, our service invariably results in repeat ordering. Customers are amazed about their first delivery: on the same day, on time, freshly picked, complete, and with a friendly smile.
Naam innovatie Social platform for same day delivery of groceries.
Beschrijving innovatie A social platform where clients and buddies connect, reconnect and stay connected. Through the delivery of daily groceries, within two hours on demand of the client. Social connection created through care and earning money. Social
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie Current food retail logistic-chain is not able to deliver same day. Next to this, the social impact of SuperBuddy on Society will be huge. SuperBuddy will create new possibilities for unemployed people (target is to get 30.000 people back into employment). SuperBuddy will - next to the busy moms, young professionals as early adaptors - focus on the channel of Elderly and Care takers.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel This innovation is completely new for The Netherlands, all grocery stores together in one platform and the social connection between clients

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