BeBr Consultancy BV

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Bedrijfsnaam BeBr Consultancy BV
KvK Nummer 64073106
Beschrijving onderneming Technical Consultancy
Naam innovatie Scientific Think Tank
Beschrijving innovatie [BEBR] is a team of creative and ambitious scientists with the know-how and guts to take on the big issues. We care about reducing the carbon footprint and preserving the nature surrounding us. Granted, our ambitions are high. We think of a near future where biobased biodegradable products & green energy are the norm -but we also know how to get there. We have a wide range of explicit tech-knowledge, which we implement in a strategic roadmap for you to create profitable green business. In short: We want to help small businesses take on big ideas.
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Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie We believe that the ultimate change towards a sustainable society is not achieved through top-down governmental imposition or due to multi-national conglomerate directives but from bottom-up, hands-on ideas by small business and entrepreneurs. Current society is filled with incongruities and unmet needs. We would love to fill in those gaps together with you and create a future, next generations can be proud of.
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In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel A mobile R&D unit; a scientific consultancy focused on innovations!

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