Nerdalize eRadiator and the Nerdalize Cloud

Bedrijfsnaam Nerdalize
KvK Nummer 58763694
Beschrijving onderneming Nerdalize heats houses with computing power, thereby making cloud computing sustainable and affordable while heating homes for free
Naam innovatie Nerdalize eRadiator and the Nerdalize Cloud
Beschrijving innovatie By placing servers in the form of radiators in homes Nerdalize can heat these homes with the heat generated by computations. This means Nerdalize does not need to build a datacenter with active cooling but instead uses the same amount of heat twice, once to compute, once to heat. At the same time the cooling overhead of a datacenter is reduced drastically. Get a good idea here:
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Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie Datacenters are set to become more polluting in terms of CO2 emissions than the airline industry by 2018! At the same time we need computing capacity for medical research, engineering, managing and running our society. So it is vital to make computing a sustainable and affordable commodity in order to move forward. Heating on the other hand uses 40% of all the energy we consume in Europe, while heating homes leads to energy of low value that just ends up evaporating into the atmosphere. With Nerdalize we can tackle both problems in a much more sustainable fashion. By using the energy twice and removing overhead Nerdalize does with 1kWh what would usually be done with 3kWh.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel Nerdalize moves away from the paradigm of centralized servers for high performance computing. Instead of transporting heat, we transport data. With the eRadiator we make this possible in a mannaer that offers low cost

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